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Charly Antolini "meets the Jazzladies". Bestell-Nr. 102010


The final chapter: CHARLY'S letzte CD !
Skinfire Records
Prod. Nr. 016 2023

Charly Antolini Jazz Power
"ROAD RUNNER - 67 years on the Road"


Skinfire Records Prod. Nr.

Charly Antolini and his Jazz Family
"New Colours"


Skinfire Records Prod. Nr. 142015

Charly Antolini's Special Delivery
"Groove Merchant"


Skinfire Records Prod. Nr. 142014

Charly Antolini
Jazz Power
"Swinging like mad"


Neue CD-Produktion
Skinfire Records Prod. Nr. 1132013

Charl Antolini, Jan Eschke, Florian Trübsbach, Andy Kurz
"Good Time Together"


CD 2013

Charly Antolini
"Different Stroke"

Charly Antolini and the ladies of Jazz

CD 2012

Charly Antolini "and the ladies of Jazz"

"one more"


CD 2010

Charly Antolini "meets the Jazzladies"


!!! NEU - NEW !!!
Skinfire Records Prod. Nr. 07007

Charly Antolini & His Band playin'
The Benny Goodman Story


Charly Antolini
Skinfire Records Prod. Nr. 06006

The Jubilee 2006
50 Years Drumming
"Mixing Stuff"


CD 2009
Skinfire Records Prod. Nr. 09008

Charly Antolini
's Swing Mail


Produktion 1
Skinfire Records NR. CD-A-96001

"The Jubilee" 1996
40 Years Professionel Drumming

Produktion 2
Skinfire Records NR. CD-A-99002

"Love to Play"
Produktion 3
Skinfire Records NR. CD-B-01002

Charly Antolini + Danny Moss
"The Drivers"
Produktion 4
Skinfire Records NR. CD-C-01003

"Loose and Easy"
Produktion 5
Skinfire Records NR. CD-D-03005

International Jazzpower
"Live in Concert"

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